Melody Martin | Collective Next

Melody Martin

Solution Design Partner

Melody enjoys the creative challenge of building meaningful experiences. She loves puzzling through clients’ needs, helping refine their objectives and spur change across their organizations. She does everything from partnering with Solution Designers on the best next step forward to managing the lifecycle of a project to coordinating teams during events.

Melody’s previous work at MIT Sloan, Building Excellent Schools, and Hubspot centered on event planning, communications, and the employee experience. At Collective Next, Melody pairs her existing skills with a passion for creativity and a strong commitment to making a difference for clients and their organizations. She’s enjoyed working on a variety of client events, having worked with Akamai, Alexion, Fidelity, and Red Hat. She is also honing her skill as a graphic facilitator, a tricky art form she’s committed to mastering.

Outside of work, Melody enjoys experimenting with her trusty sewing machine, piecing togetherbaby quilts, buttons downs, or the perfect pair of jeans. One of her goals: to make all of her own clothing.

Immersive Web Experiences / Alexion Culture Transformation Story

This external facing website is designed to showcase the culture transformation that Alexion underwent since 2017. The site utilizes an innovative scroll-based animation design, and also featured a cross-team effort that included creative, production, and digital teams.