Kris Henry | Collective Next

Kris Henry

Solution Design Partner

Kris plays multiple roles at Collective Next: teaming up with solution designers to design creative interventions, acting as project manager, and supporting clients throughout the engagement process. At every step, Kris ensures that the right solutions are designed for their clients, that the CN team is organized to support delivery, and that every logistical detail has been thoughtfully considered. In addition, Kris serves as the head of CN’s Solution Design Partner population, helping to support, manage, and train SDPs across the company.

Kris joined Collective Next over a decade ago, arriving with a background in art and adult learning. During Kris’s time at Collective Next, they have worked closely with CN’s CEO to develop and deliver leadership programs and large-scale leadership events. Kris enjoys leading teams in delivering non-traditional meetings, which might involve anything from field trips and customer interview sessions to TED-style talks and interactive content. In addition, Kris often provides front-of-the-room facilitation, graphic facilitation, and speaker coaching. Their clients include Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity, MasterCard, and General Mills.

When not at work, Kris can be found crafting miniatures, obsessing over baroque paintings, or holed up playing video games.

Immersive Web Experiences / Alexion Culture Transformation Story

This external facing website is designed to showcase the culture transformation that Alexion underwent since 2017. The site utilizes an innovative scroll-based animation design, and also featured a cross-team effort that included creative, production, and digital teams.