Jessica Beasley | Collective Next

Jessica Beasley

Graphic Facilitator

Jess brings a truly unique and diverse set of creative talents to Collective Next, including being an exceptionally stellar graphic facilitator. A treasured member of our core team of graphic facilitators, Jess consistently delivers brilliant, delightful, content-rich real-time illustrations to virtual and in-person audiences.

When Collective Next’s graphic facilitation practice went all-digital for two years, Jess fearlessly dug into learning the ins and outs of virtual scribing and has become an expert practitioner. She continues to hone her skills and invent new digital products for clients, and is venturing into animation. She is also a valued mentor and technical resource for our extended network of graphic facilitators.

Outside of work, you will most likely find Jess making something: exquisite gold and silver jewelry, fabulous paper plants, or excellent wine pairings—she was formerly a buyer in the food and wine industry. She also enjoys hiking throughout Boston’s South Shore with her dog, Joey.

Immersive Web Experiences / Alexion Culture Transformation Story

This external facing website is designed to showcase the culture transformation that Alexion underwent since 2017. The site utilizes an innovative scroll-based animation design, and also featured a cross-team effort that included creative, production, and digital teams.