Andy Saiia | Collective Next

Andy Saiia

Head of Accounting

Andy plays the indispensable role of ensuring the accuracy of Collective Next’s accounting and financial statements. In addition to managing all of the company’s accounts payable and receivable, he provides our CFO with clear and comprehensive data to inform his analysis and strategic decision making.

Andy holds an MFA in sculpture from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Before joining Collective Next, Andy worked for eight years in a stone fabrication shop running a CAD driven milling machine. His pursuit of both art and precision remains central to Andy’s work today as he plays accountant by day and accordion musician/composer by night. He loves working across disciplines to pick up on patterned information and align the details that bring disparate things into true harmony. He resists the idea that some jobs just aren’t creative.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Andy loves landscaping with his wife and learning about the native plants and ecosystems surrounding their home.

Immersive Web Experiences / Alexion Culture Transformation Story

This external facing website is designed to showcase the culture transformation that Alexion underwent since 2017. The site utilizes an innovative scroll-based animation design, and also featured a cross-team effort that included creative, production, and digital teams.