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Jonathan Follett - Involution Studios

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At Involution Studios we design digital healthcare experiences for clients like Johnson and Johnson, 3M, and Walgreens for projects spanning health IT, mobile,...

Katherine Gorman

TEDxBoston 2016 explored artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML), a field of exciting, exponential growth. As curators, we sought to bring a greater understanding of how this technology works, how it’s changing our lives, and most importantly, the research being done to create these tools.

Our guests covered topics from the evolution of deep learning to some of the cutting edge applications of this technology in medicine and healthcare.

Bree Sanchez

Once again this year, we had the privilege to partner with the legendary Peter Vander Auwera to design and facilitate Innotribe at Sibos. Innotribe’s action- and idea-packed four-day, 24-session program concluded last Thursday. A diverse range of speakers delighted, inspired, and provoked audiences with...

Tricia Walker

ifvp, graphic facilitation, scribing, boston, international forum for visual practitioners

There are elements that are somewhat universal to corporate conferences: catered meals, name badges (often with additional flair such as buttons, ribbons, stickers or flashy lanyards), keynote...

John Colaruotolo

I was recently in a meeting in our Boston office and noticed something that might seem peculiar in other workplaces. At one point, all five people in the meeting were...

Marsha Dunn

visual tools scriibng graphic facilitation visual thinking collaboration
“I’ve had the experience of walking into a client’s office a year and half after we did a session with them and finding that the giant foam core boards containing our single frame visuals are still up on the wall, and still...

Bree Sanchez

A friend of mine, who is an environmental chemist and not graphically inclined, recently decided to up his game using visuals at work. This self-proclaimed “left-brainer” has been reading up on visual thinking and visual group process – a few of our favorite topics! With that in mind, he inquired...