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Below is the second installment in our Audio Accompaniment to the series Leading by Listening. These short interviews feature experts from Machine Learning to Improvisational Theater and shed light on the many ways in which we can understand the act and the art of listening.


Marsha Dunn

With this piece we kick off our series, Leading by Listening. In the coming months we will explore the important role that listening plays in an organizational context.

“…We are remembering that we are listening creatures and the world
that we have...

Kathy Clemons

TED Talks for Business
If you know me, you know I like to talk. I chat, I converse, I narrate, I think out loud, I process the world with words. It’s part of who I am. It makes me different – and it’s my strength. And you could say I’m a professional “talk-er,” as a significant part of my...

Rachael Maggiani

It’s 7:15am and my Green Line train is screeching towards Packard’s Corner in Allston. I ring the bell for my stop and hop...

Hamilton Ray

Today in the Lab, we discussed a concept that is very near and dear to our Collective hearts. Through a discussion that went in a variety of directions (and inspired by conversations that we had been having for a while), we came up with an axiom: Good Leadership is Good Facilitation and Good Facilitation is Good Leadership.

While this concept has a lot of subtle nuances there were a couple of common characteristics that should be core to facilitators and...

Kathy Clemons

The Europeans love football. Working with a client in Europe, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to two big football personalities give keynote addresses. This week, it was Andy Roxburgh, a former Scottish player and coach, and currently UEFA’s Technical Director.  

The focus of our session was competitive thinking—creating a clear understanding of the breadth of the competitive field,...

Kristen Bailey

Last summer I was lucky enough to hear Jack Welch present a keynote address in Boston. It was an incredible opportunity to learn from a true business legend and try to connect his perspectives to my own experiences. I was awed by his immense presence, his command of the room and his apparent stature (he loomed fairly large for a relatively short person). And at the same time, I was interested  to hear him speak so simply and concisely. He was matter of fact...