We at Collective Next are passionate about the pursuit of excellence. We’re committed to making space for learning, insights, and innovation. We value the health of our community and the quality of our relationships. We strive to help organizations, communities, and individuals come together, think better, and move forward using the power of collaboration. 

We have some very good news to share: we’re growing. We’re looking for two art directors, one more focused on print and the other more on motion graphics and video, although anyone who works here knows that everyone winds up working on everything. We’re also looking for two of what we call solution design partners, people who work closely with clients figuring out what they need to excel.

Here are some specifics about the positions.

Art directors (we’re looking for two)

We are looking for two art directors, one with a focus on print and information design and another with a focus on motion graphics and video, to join our team in our Boston office. You’ll produce innovative ideas and deliverables for our clients and work with the creative team to ensure that client proposals are fulfilled while maintaining company standards. Art directors are also responsible for pitching ideas to clients and helping develop appropriate creative solutions. We’re looking for forward thinkers with a proven ability to incorporate emerging tools, technology, and business practices of visual communications to improve the customer experience.

You can see the full job description and apply for the design positions here.

Solution Design Partners (we’re looking for two)

At Collective Next, we are looking for Solution Design Partners to support Solution Designers in the identification, scoping, design, management, and execution of Collective Next engagements. Your role would include

  • operational support of consulting activities,
  • ongoing management of client relationships,
  • diagnosing and assessing client needs and helping clients articulate their business objectives,  
  • co-designing the appropriate portfolio of Collective Next services to achieve those objectives, and
  • delivering those services. 

One of these positions is based in Boston and the other is based in New York; both will involve some travel.

You can see the full job description and apply for a solution design partner position here

If you’re interested in Collective Next and these positions aren’t right for you, please visit our jobs page regularly to see what new opportunities we have