We received a warm response to our post earlier this week showcasing some of our recent video scribing work, so let’s end the week by sharing some more, again from the markers of our Tricia Walker

We collaborated with Fidelity Investments on a series of seven videos covering different aspects of reducing, managing, and deferring taxes. It was published as part of Fidelity’s Viewpoints; it was a chance to work on a challenging project, illustrating simply some very specific tax strategies. The resulting 17-minute video story, cut into seven chapters, is longer than most of our videos and forced us to think in new ways about how we handle transitions. In particular, we worked to make each part of the story as self-contained as possible, while making sure there was even greater value for those who viewed the whole thing, ending up with something mutually exclusive and collectively comprehensive.

“It was a great experience,” Tricia says. “What was best was that we got to work with likeminded people. They get us. We get them.”

(Note: we can’t embed the work on this page, but click on the image below and you will arrive at the page with the seven videos.)

Fidelity Viewpoints