In last Friday’s Transcribe, we discussed how a session is like a good book, you are engaged from start to finish, you experience each twist and turn side by side with the main characters, and it leaves you thinking in ways you had not considered before.

We recently supported a session for one of our clients that focused on facilitating innovative thinking. We visited several different organizations that live and breathe innovation and discussed the topic with the people on the ground who define the cutting edge on a daily basis. As we facilitated the event, our team could not help but be energized and began percolating ideas about how we could drive revolutionary change in our own organization.

We experience this phenomenon of vicarious inspiration often during sessions. Some of the thinking that led to a few of our latest products began as a result of ideas that were stimulated during the sessions illustrated below.

Illustrations by Tricia Walker

Our goal is to always maximize the experience for participants by harnessing the power of the collective to achieve the full potential of each individual and the organization. To do that we must experience the session in lock step with the participant, exposing us to the energy and provocation it develops, while maintaining the objective perspective necessary to help guide them through the process. Collaborating with participants in this way also encourages us to perform the same cognitive exercises and achieve similar innovative learnings we can apply to our own organizational processes.

We greatly relish and appreciate the invitation to participate in such an intimate experience with our clients.

We are interested to hear if this phenomenon exists in other fields, as well. Please share your stories of vicarious inspiration with us.