Next week, CN will be joining several hundred participants at TED Active in Palm Springs, CA. We’re teaming up with the sponsors of Active to facilitate six projects that each focus on a big question that affects all of us in one way or another. Several of my CN friends and I will be the resident storytellers for each of the projects. What does this mean? During the week we’ll be listening, connecting participants to one another, and gathering participants’ big ideas as they relate to each of the projects. As we listen and interact, we’ll connect the dots and create artifacts to further the conversation of each project.


Here’s a rundown of each of the projects, with links to its corresponding page on

Health: How can we use collective wisdom around health to improve quality of life?

Urbanization: How do we better manage energy consumption in the city of the future?

Color: How can we use color as an effective tool?

Progressive Ideas: How can we bring a great idea to scale?

Giving: How do we get individuals, businesses, and communities more engaged in the act of giving?

Community & Commerce: In a networked society, how do we create community value?

Sound interesting? The good news for you is that the big ideas are NOT limited to just those that are physically at the conference. You, too, can join the conversations right from home! We as storytellers will be collaborating with “amplifiers” (social media gurus) that will be spreading the ideas and conversations of each project out to the world. There are Facebook pages already created that you can join and start discussing your ideas with others, and comment or add to the ideas that are already there. During the week, the amplifiers will be managing those pages, as well as sending out a steady stream of content that the storytellers create (in the form of, blog posts, videos, images, tweets, telepathy, etc…) to allow anyone around the world to keep informed and participate in the conversations. As you participate from your own kitchen table, we as storytellers will be eager to hear your ideas, and share them with the folks present at the conference. 

We hope you’ll join us! To get you started, below are the Facebook project pages. (Note that you have to request to join the group, but they are all “open,” and the TED folks are very speedy to add new members. Literally within a few minutes you’re likely to be added.)

Health | Urbanization | Color | Progressive Ideas | Giving | Community & Commerce

Additional information:

TED Active

Collective Next / TED landing page