Today at Transcribe we explored the yearly question related to resolutions – what does it take to sustain change?

Whether at an individual level or an organizational level the levers are very much the same:

  • Desire and willingness to change
  • Motivation – understanding not just what the change is, but WHY you want to make it
  • Structures to reinforce, track, and sustain
  • An understanding that a fallback is not the same as a failure
  • Knowing that once you have achieved your goals, the work is not done, it’s just the way you are going to have to do things moving forward to sustain your success


Mike Petitto scribed our conversation in more detail below.


If we could offer one small piece of advice for all those folks struggling through their new year’s resolutions four weeks in – don’t think of it as the “new” way of doing things for yourself. Think of it as the “way” you do things now. The new label just gives you a readymade excuse to give up.


At a future Transcribe, we’ll discuss whether there is a difference between individual transformation and organizational transformation from the perspective of both the process to get there, to sustain the transformation, and the risks of failure along the way.


Happy Birthday to our own Gordon Eby!