We’re still decompressing from TED2014 here. We just noticed that one of our favorite talks from last week got posted today and we want to share. Ed Yong is a science writer and he offered a talk about parasites that was full of surprise, things that are not what they appear to be, and plenty of humor to support its story. In its way, it may be the strangest and most provocative talk we’ve ever seen about the limits of freedom. The funniest and the grossest, too.

Even if you’re not interested in the topic (and, if that’s the case, we predict you will be soon after Yong starts talking), this is riveting. It’s a talk about how parasites control animals (including, maybe, us) and it totally takes control over its listener. He knows his material so well and he knows how he wants to tell it so well that his tremendous preparation comes across as ease. In this talk, Yong makes a disgusting topic delicious to learn about.