In our Friday Transcribes, we share what we’ve learned recently and figure out what it means to us and our clients. Collective Next’s Chief Transcribe Officertm Mason Smith was away with a client at our most recent Transcribe, so Collective Next’s Acting Chief Transcribe Officertm Geoff Amidei stepped in to man the dry erase marker. We considered how infographics could convey emotion, and found ourselves citing examples as diverse as playwright August WIlson and some internal work we’ve done with a pharmaceutical client as we worked toward a working, malleable vocabulary (someone came up with the term “emo-graphics” to describe the sorts of infographics we’re talking about).

Wilson’s genius was to illuminate the poetry in the everyday; the sessions we facilitate for our clients also seek to elevate the everyday to a more dramatic plane. We dove deep into the benefits and perils for removing people from their day jobs for a day or longer. We also considered the sorts of infographics that might make the most difference for our clients and ourselves. 

That “ourselves” part was particularly important. We’re here to serve our clients, but we’re also students of our own work, examining it carefully to make sure it will be even better next time.

Seeya at the next Transcribe …



Collective Next 8-9-13 Transcribe