Wishing you a joyous holiday season, filled with many opportunities for festive collaboration and celebration. Please enjoy a few of our favorite drink recipes, illustrated!

The Collaborator
We’ll be sipping this delicious chai as we kick off our winter all-company meeting and toast another year of extraordinary collaboration. Our recipe was developed with our friend Jess at Diesel Cafe.

CN Signature Mule
Our favorite mule is a warming cocktail with a kick… or two! This very delicious solution was designed by Solution Design Partner Kris Henry.

South Street Bittersweet
Our friends at Boston’s own Taza Chocolate make this special hot cocoa something to savor. Enjoy it with friends at CNHQ on South Street, or wherever your cocoa-llaboration takes you!

Winter CN-Gria
These bold flavors are even better together! Simply mix your favorite wine, citrus and spices, then refrigerate and enjoy our favorite winter sangria with friends.