We spend a lot of time exploring collaboration, creativity, and the power of visual communication in our work, as well as on our blog and podcast. If those are the “software” tools of our world, then the physical tools can be thought of as the hardware. Which of these hardware items are most essential? Which are our favorites? That’s the topic for Episode 6 of our podcast NibSqueak, released today. In this episode, A Few of Our Favorite Things(available above), John and I discuss the contents of our imaginary graphic facilitation go bags. We also hear great insights from graphic facilitation guru Tricia Walker, who trains and coaches new scribes and facilitators.

Here are a few items discussed in this episode:

  • Scotch® White Paper Tape – Great for making quick corrections when scribing on paper
  • Pocket-size Notebook – Take them wherever you go to capture and share ideas
  • Wacom® Bamboo™ Stylus – A stylus with a carbon fiber nib doesn’t just sound cool, it feels great to use
  • Neuland Markers – The refillable markers we love and guard with our souls (from Germany)
  • “Widely available markers” – Sometimes you have to keep it simple. Because they are so readily available, we use Expos and Mr. Sketch from time to time. We get the “Low Odor” variety when possible, and always buy the chisel tip!

Finally, I mention a do-it-yourself marker palette in this episode. This tool enables you to easily hold several markers in your non-dominant hand while using your other hand to write or sketch. Here’s a video I made a while back, showing how to go about making a marker palette. I use gaffer’s tape in the video but you can use duct tape (the patterned ones are fun), or probably even strong cellophane packaging tape. This palette is pretty small, just four markers, but I find that up to eight markers will work. Try it! Let me know how it works for you.

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