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Katherine Gorman

TEDxBoston 2016 explored artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML), a field of exciting, exponential growth. As curators, we sought to bring a greater understanding of how this technology works, how it’s changing our lives, and most importantly, the research being done to create these tools.

Our guests covered topics from the evolution of deep learning to some of the cutting edge applications of this technology in medicine and healthcare.

Bree Sanchez

What does “visual thinking” really mean? How do some visual thinkers experience the world? How can visual thinking improve your work?

Those are the...

Collective Next

Below is the first installment in our Audio Accompaniment to the series, Leading by Listening. These short audio pieces feature interviews with experts from Machine Learning to Improvisational Theater and shed light on the many ways in which we can understand the act and the art of listening.


John Colaruotolo

Presentations are the primary mode of communication for some of the brightest and best ideas in an organization. Yet, presentation-making is not something that comes...

Kathy Clemons

We recently designed and facilitated one of our biggest sessions of the quarter: an annual multi-day off-site for the top 300 leaders of a financial services company.

We are always aiming to stay fresh with our approach to creating engaging, quality activities and content....