Sarah Freni | Collective Next

Sarah Freni

Senior Graphic Designer

Sarah designs and leads creative projects for brands and organizations, helping them bring meaningful ideas to life.

After graduating from MassArt in Boston, Sarah spent twelve years honing and developing her craft as a freelance designer. Her work led her to partnerships with organizations of every shape and size, from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and individuals. The diversity of her clients has provided Sarah with a unique insight into the challenges that every team faces, regardless of their scope or mission. Whether it was designing custom wedding stationery, leading graphic design for a youth arts organization, creating campaign content for Harvard University, or developing presentations for JP Morgan HealthCare conferences: Sarah has always sought to thoughtfully meet her clients where they are, to help them share their ideas with the audiences that matter to them.

Outside of work, you might find Sarah digging around in her vegetable garden, shaving seconds off of her 5K time, traveling, or hanging out in the sunshine with her three boys, her husband, and her Weimaraner Blu.

Immersive Web Experiences / Alexion Culture Transformation Story

This external facing website is designed to showcase the culture transformation that Alexion underwent since 2017. The site utilizes an innovative scroll-based animation design, and also featured a cross-team effort that included creative, production, and digital teams.