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Tricia Walker

I love scribing. That’s another term for graphic facilitation. Other terms include “graphic recorder” and “whiteboard artist”, but whatever you call it, it’s essentially the same thing.

Scribing is such a unique and wonderful way to communicate and to capture the essence of a discussion or presentation. It can provide a picture to sum up words, a model to illustrate a concept. The possibilities seem endless, and therein lies the danger! I have been asked...

Mike LaRhette

October seems to be the month of meetings in the Boston design scene. I managed to attend two of them last week, and while they were very different in nature they did share some common themes about design and design thinking: it is a discipline, a process, a field of study, a term going mainstream, and above all a business imperative.

On October 5th AIGA Boston hosted an evening...

Kathy Clemons


Periodically we share our hand-drawn icons that emerge from our scribing work with our clients, not just because we think they’re cool but so they may be re-used in some way in another form.