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Marsha Dunn

Storytelling is much more than a gimmick, a buzzword, or a flash in the pan. Stories so structure our reality that it makes sense to say, we exist in a narrative universe. At least these are the contentions explored in this series. We’ve mined insights from multiple...

Mason Smith

Transcribe serves many purposes here at CN. It is a means of practicing what we preach, a time to come together, a place to move our ideas forward, and every now and then, an excuse to just celebrate. Today we celebrated CN’s long time close family friend Jimmy Guterman officially becoming a member of our family and our scribe sorceress Tricia Walker’s birthday!


Gordon Eby

In our most recent Transcribe Live in the Lab, we had a great discussion about the relationship between story telling, organizational culture, and leadership. Stories exist in organizations. They always have and always will. They shape and perpetuate an organization’s culture whether they are accidental or intentional, negative or positive, true or false.

Leaders often come to us and ask how to create a stronger culture. There are two ways we use story...