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Marsha Dunn

Storytelling is much more than a gimmick, a buzzword, or a flash in the pan. Stories so structure our reality that it makes sense to say, we exist in a narrative universe. At least these are the contentions explored in this series. We’ve mined insights from multiple...

Marsha Dunn with Matt Saiia

As part of each blog series, Collective Next’s CEO, Matt Saiia, and I have a standing bi-weekly call to dig deep into the topic at handin this case, “The Narrative Universe.” Our discussions incorporate ideas from relevant readings, podcasts,...

Marsha Dunn with Geoff Amidei

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Below is the fifth installment of our multi-part series entitled The Narrative Universe. In this series we explore how we humans construct our world—even our professional world—...

Marsha Dunn

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“We all have stories, we all have voices, and they all deserve to be heard”
– Robert X Fogerty, Founder Dear World

As our current series explores the ...