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Marsha Dunn

Hit pause.

Where are you? What happened today? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? The last 20 years? Who was there? What did you do? Feel? Love? Laugh at? Think about?

Select all.

Delete all.

Repeat every five seconds.

Such were the instructions hardcoded into...

Rachael Maggiani

It’s 7:15am and my Green Line train is screeching towards Packard’s Corner in Allston. I ring the bell for my stop and hop...

Kathy Clemons

Drum Cafe

I can only imagine what the hotel guests thought when they heard 40 people pounding on drums at 8:30 on a recent Thursday morning.

The Drum Café, a group of world class musicians from around the globe, kicked off our session with a bang. Each...

John Colaruotolo

This is the second post in our Music and Collaboration series.

In our last music and collaboration post, we looked at Miles Davis. In the 1950s and 60s when Miles was experimenting with new ways to collaborate with his friends in the jazz idiom, composer Terry Riley was also experimenting with new ways to collaborate in music outside of the jazz idiom. Specifically, he was interested in how...

John Colaruotolo

This is the first post in our Music and Collaboration series.

There is a man with a trumpet. He plays a tune. He likes how it sounds. He wants to make the tune better, so he finds some friends, and they play the same tune all together. It sounds different, but it also sounds good when they play together as opposed to just the man with the trumpet. They play the tune again,...