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Tricia Walker

We partnered with Galliard Health recently, spending two days with Roche and Foundation Medicine at a media event focused on cancer and genomics. The event, “Transforming Cancer Care: Advances in Personalized Healthcare and Genomics,” was an opportunity to learn more about the Roche and Foundation Medicine partnership. The program included presentations, panel discussions, and Q&A on topics like precision medicine, personalized healthcare, and genomics....

Tricia Walker

We have recently had several opportunities to provide graphic recording at events related to cancer research. Notably, we contributed to the Paws for a Cure Research Symposium, co-hosted by Canines N’Kids and Merck. The purpose of this event was to share research that identified the translational potential of comparative approaches to accelerate drug development in shared childhood and canine cancers.

From the event website:

Hamilton Ray

If you are going to travel to the other side of the globe, you want it to be worth your while. Yes, I have finally recovered from jetlag, but Sibos 2018 in Sydney did not disappoint. This was Collective Next’s fifth year supporting SWIFT Innotribe at the SWIFT’s annual, massive, multi-day financial services conference, Sibos. We were so glad to once again mingle with brilliant speakers, cutting edge ideas, and a few mind-bending concepts (e.g.,...

Evan Wondolowski

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We recently had an exciting opportunity to digitally scribe (or as we like to say “SuperScribe”) in front of 1,400 people at Matthews Arena in Boston. The event was...