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Your story deserves a scribe

But I documented EVERYTHING.

Your event is over. And your notes from the event…are pristine. Someone on your team captured every brilliant insight, every new initiative that was proposed. You snapped pictures of every single thought that was scribbled on every single white board. And you’ve filled a spreadsheet with the metrics and KPIs that spilled out of your participants. But as you look over your notes you can’t help but feel like…something is missing. Is this it? Is this all there was to the amazing few days your team spent together?

A thousand words? How about a picture instead?

An amazing event is more than the sum of your notes. There’s an intangible element, an electricity that was in the air when ideas were flying around, that made your team feel energized and inspired. In some ways, that’s the beauty of live, in-the-moment collaboration: that’s why we get together in the first place. That feeling can’t be recreated in any other way.

Or can it?

Collective Next has refined the art of capturing that energy through the practice of graphic facilitation, or “scribing.” Through real time, visual storytelling, our expertly trained facilitators craft beautiful artifacts that bring the story of your event to life. 

Some parts of an amazing meeting or collaboration just can’t be captured in prose.

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