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What makes a client advisory board…good?

May, 2023

Client Advisory Boards, or CABs, sound simple on paper: pulling together a group of handpicked clients that are important to your organization and talking with them about your strategy. No problem, right?

This month, we’re exploring the principles that should be applied to excellent, unforgettable CABs.

How to design an amazing CAB

The ingredients that go into making a customer advisory board meeting—or any event— a success can be tough to pin down. There are so many variables to consider and it’s tough to account for them all: Have we invited the right people? Did we identify the right goals and objectives for the meeting? What about our agenda? Is it…boring?

Every organization is different, of course, and no two CABs are the same. But there are a few principles that can be applied to planning every customer advisory board.

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