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The art of goal setting

November, 2023

Last month, we explored the importance of reflecting on the year behind us as we begin to prepare for the year ahead. And in order to start planning for where we’re headed, we need to be clear about where we want to end up. Determining that destination will revolve around the goals we set for ourselves. Once properly set, our goals can serve as a compass to help us navigate the year to come.

But not all goals are created equal. The identification and articulation of thoughtful, effective goals—goals that inspire higher performance for you and your organization—requires the right intention and a little focus.

Breaking down goals

So what does the practice of “articulating goals” entail? The process begins with an evaluation of your organizations strategic goals and the ways that each team will work in support of that strategy.

Express the Overall, Organizational Strategy

What does your organization want to accomplish in the year ahead? Increase sales leads? Roll out a new product? Grow closer to customers?

It sounds simple, but any planning for the year has to begin with a clear understanding of what your entire organization is hoping to achieve. If you’re the one responsible for setting and communicating the organization’s strategic, macro-goals, it’s critical that your articulation of them is cogent, clearly expressed, and refined as much as practicable. If your team is supporting these goals, it’s equally as critical that you holistically appreciate and understand those objectives (especially in determining how they relate to the work your team will perform).

Identify the Functional, Team-Specific Goals

Are you and your team ready to support the company’s strategy, the strategic goals identified above?

Once you’ve nailed down an appreciation for your organization’s strategic goals, you’re ready to figure out how your team will functionally support them. Work through each strategic goal, one at a time, and identify the objectives your team will need to accomplish to bring the goals to life. Throughout this process you’ll identify the areas that will require the most attention from your team and begin to establish the alignment needed to get things done.

Getting Intentional

The work described above is happening all of the time in every organization, everywhere. But to what extent is it being done explicitly, with intentionality? Does your team have a “sense” of where the organization wants to go, or does each person have a compass pointing towards true north?

The point of thinking ahead of time about goals in a more thoughtful, intentional way is to align your team, to help everyone understand their role in moving the organization forward, and to avoid the silos that result in ad hoc decision making.

A simple, guided conversation with your team that walks through the process above will leave you poised to accomplish what’s important to you in 2024. We’d love to chat with you about what these conversations could look like.

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