We delight audiences by bringing their ideas to life, deepening engagement, and adding structure to any dialogue. Having a shared visual record of conversations and presentations enables unparalleled levels of collaboration during an event, and serves as a powerful artifact for documentation, socialization and communication afterwards.

With our tailored approach, we are adept at working virtually in small groups and breakouts, as well as large group meetings and online conferences.

Our graphic facilitators are highly skilled practitioners with unparalleled creativity, acumen, and professionalism. We are available across time zones to support your virtual meeting or event, wherever it takes place.

graphic recordingIncluding graphic facilitation in your virtual meeting:

  • Increases participation and engagement
  • Delights participants and unlocks their creativity
  • Improves retention of key concepts
  • Creates connections, fosters insights, and aligns thinking
  • Facilitates collaboration and better decision-making
  • Sustains momentum and engagement post event

graphic facilitation

Virtual Graphic Facilitation: How does it work?

  • Our graphic facilitators typically work with your team or conference group either in-person or virtually—but we’re purely virtual for the time being!
  • We’ll use a tablet and join your meeting virtually to support plenary presentations and/or breakout conversations
  • Our graphic facilitator will gladly share their work in real-time if you’d like, and/or you can send their finished product to participants after the session as a follow on
  • Attendees are delighted by this level of visual support
  • You’ll receive a high resolution deliverable that is easily scaled for printing and/or use in online channels


  • Read more about virtual graphic facilitation and see it in action on our blog
  • See our work for SWIFT on our blog
  • See our portfolio below

Scribe Story Videos

  • Create a visual story that unfolds right before your eyes. There’s no limit to what we can create together: your company or department’s origin story, explainer videos, and so much more
  • Whether it’s a metaphor or a more literal interpretation, we’ll shape the story in a way that engages your audience
  • Very effective in dynamic presentations or as social media assets
  • And if you need help with your script, we can do that, too!


Graphic Facilitation Training Programs

  • Need a new tool for capturing and solidifying ideas while working remotely?
  • Engage your team in a training session with our graphic facilitation gurus and come away with increased confidence and new techniques for better collaboration