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Customer Journey Mapping translates your customer data into powerful insights

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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey maps are visual or narrative representations of the needs and processes your stakeholders experience when engaging with your organization. 

What are some examples of Customer Journey Maps?

Journey maps make sense of your customer data, identify the moments that matter most to your customers and stakeholders, and provide a window into the experiences that drive your business. They can take shape in a variety of different ways:



Internal Cultural Initiatives

Example use case

Patient Journey Simulation

Connect your stakeholders to patients through compelling storytelling. Driven by experts  and research within your team and crafted to draw out invaluable insights. 

Customer Journey Mapping drives tangible results

Align & Calibrate What Really Matters

Distill the research and knowledge dispersed throughout your organization.

Discover Insights That Create Value​

Unlock new ideas and initiatives by engaging with your customer’s experience in a new way.

Deepen Employee Engagement​

Align and connect your team to both your stakeholders and your organization’s larger, strategic goals.

“With Collective Next’s help, we quickly aligned internal stakeholders, injected the voice of key customers, and built a clear game plan. Collective Next has been an incredible partner to me and an enabler for the company in helping us grow the business.”

Sami Juma

Chief Operating Officer
Alternative Solutions, FIS

The Collective Next approach

Collective Next is the consulting alternative. Our bespoke solutions are crafted a little differently than more traditional consulting organizations.​

Traditional Customer
Journey Maps

The standard approach to journey maps can leave your clients wanting more.

Generic with No Clear Objectives

Created from templates so that your team can “fill in the blanks”

Limited Application

Employed for team building purposes only

Tunnel Vision

Narrowly focused on process improvements

Road to Nowhere

Outcomes lead to next steps that are vague or unclear

Collective Next Customer Journey Maps

We draw on our expertise in facilitation, event design, collaboration, and co-creation to create a singular, memorable experience for you and your customers.

Cocreation Through Partnership

Created bespoke after extensive collaboration with you and your team

Holistic End-to-End Engagement

Crafted from the outset to discover new strategic insights and initiatives

Highlight Your Needs

Narrative driven to deeply connect with what drives and motivates your stakeholders

Outcomes You Can Use

Leads to prioritized insights that drive your business objectives

Our process


Align on –and clarify– why you seek to understand the journey


Collect all existing information on the journey and interview key stakeholders to uncover moments that matter


Communicate your journey by creating an easy-to-understand, engaging narrative


Share the experience with key internal and external stakeholders to create a deeper understanding of what matters most


Prioritize the discovered insights that align to your business objectives and kickstart the development of solutions

Our Customer Journey Mapping Experts

Gordon Eby

Solution Designer

Gordon partners with clients to develop creative interventions for tackling complex organizational challenges. He begins by developing a detailed understanding of what leaders are wrestling with and works collaboratively to develop unique solutions for their organization and the worlds in which they operate.

Renee Piazza

Solution Designer

Renee began learning the art of facilitation and design in 2006, and since then has been helping leaders and their teams explore the art of the possible and collectively create the futures they desire.

“At the end of a strategy session, everyone feels like it is their work. Participants leave knowing what they will do and change the next day, and they have the confidence to go do it.”

Vice President

Global Media Company

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