Customer Advisory Boards Should Be Amazing

Gain vital business insights, build a rich, ongoing dialogue with your customers, and deliver better outcomes.

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What is a Customer Advisory Board?

CABs, or Customer Advisory Boards, are events that pull together your most valued clients and stakeholders to talk about your organization. The goal of a good CAB is to learn about your customers’ experience working with your team and to gather their insights about your strategic goals and priorities.

Client Advisory Boards — Product Advisory Council — Stakeholder Advisory Board

CABs might be called different things depending on your organization or industry. But regardless of how they’re labeled, the goals are always the same.

Uncover Powerful Insights​

Insights are only as useful as what they empower you to do with them. Through collaborative planning, skillful facilitation, and coordinated pull-through, our client advisory workshops deliver real results.

Build Meaningful Relationships

The best relationships are created through building something, together. There’s no better way to achieve this kind of collaboration than through a Client Advisory Board.

Traditional CABs

The standard approach to customer advisory boards can leave your clients feeling like a focus group. And they usually leave you wanting more.

Unclear, Unhelpful Insights

A lot of advisory boards capture ‘feedback’ without really translating it into actionable insights

No Fun

An Endless series of PowerPoint presentations, one-way conversations, and boring agendas

Wasted Money

Lots of investment goes into getting comments you probably could just get in an online survey

The Collective Next CAB

We draw on our expertise in facilitation, event design, collaboration, and co-creation to create a singular, memorable experience for you and your customers.

Optimized for Impact

The primary focus of a CN CAB is how to move your business forward. Every detail is designed with that goal in mind.

Holistic End-to-End Engagement

Through the use of digital tools and broad stakeholder engagement – from planning all the way to execution – CN CABs create an ongoing dialogue with your customers and internal partners

Amazing Experience

Through interactivity, collaborative ideation, and creative solution-design, Collective Next creates a memorable experience that leaves participants wanting more

Our process creates value at every step

Our world-class facilitators have extensive expertise in co-designing the perfect experience for you and your customers.

Refine your goals and objectives

Co-create the ideal experience to achieve your desired outcomes


Collaborate with your customers to uncover valuable insights and build deeper relationships

Translate insights into action

Improve your business and delight your customers by turning insights into action

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