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John Colaruotolo

Solution Designer
Dallas, Texas
What are you most passionate about in your job?

Bringing the complex and the ambiguous to life with a whiteboard and markers.

What's the strangest job you ever had?

I had to dress up as this mascot as a fund raiser for a summer music program. I was Rudy the Manners Monster at a California trade show for film and video distribution. I walked around in this giant character costume, meeting all kinds of executives and film stars, including Adam Sandler and Anna Nicole Smith. One-day gig. It was a blast, and to this day I have no idea how much money I made, because it all went straight to the music program.

Paper or tablet (and why)?

Paper. It’s classic. It’s (almost) timeless. It has texture. You can fold it up and put it in your pocket. It just works.




A creative thinker, JC always adds an inspired layer to an experience.

Quote Source

Mary Choi Smith