Product Transition Playbook | Collective Next

Our client is a global technology company providing open-source enterprise software. They were launching the next generation of one of their key platform products, and they needed to create a new resource for current and prospective customers that would make it easy to navigate all the changes found in the new release.


Our solution was designed to enable our client’s current and prospective customers to have a more tailored experience based on their role and how they engaged with the product, in order to fully understand, appreciate, and prepare for all of the changes coming with the release. Time was also of the essence—so we created an interactive PDF document that allowed people to self-select their role and see exactly what changes in the product transition would impact them.

We worked closely with the product marketing team to understand what new improvements would impact each user and designed a simple—easy to digest—summary of key features and experience changes for each user type.

In addition to the synthesized “what’s in it for me” section, all users could click-in and learn more about all of the new features, getting an even better understanding of the product upgrade in its entirety. We also included FAQ sections throughout the asset to address key questions and issues head-on.


The Product Transition Playbook helped our client flip the script on what could have been resistance to a product upgrade—converting it to excitement and engagement. They’ve shared the interactive guide with current users to help them have smooth transitions and to drive new business with prospective customers. The Playbook also serves as a gated asset on the company’s website and is integrated into ongoing paid campaign efforts. It will be a lynchpin in their strategy to drive migration to the new version of the product in the coming year.

Capabilities Included:

“We had a great experience working with Collective Next. They took time at the start of the project to help us plan an approach that would convey the information we wanted to get across, in a fresh and user-friendly way. Once the project was rolling, they were super flexible about having impromptu check-in meetings to ensure things were staying on track and provided a lot of “rapid prototyping” as we neared the end stages to help us work out final kinks and incorporate feedback.”

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