Good relationships are about honesty, trust, and a shared commitment to mutual success. But how can you demonstrate these values in relationships with customers and clients? The real challenge is not merely understanding your audience’s habits and preferences, but in creating and maintaining a dialogue with customers aimed at better outcomes for all. For many organizations, opportunities to build and nurture relationships with these key stakeholders are best developed through a Client Advisory Board.

Our Approach

Our highly engaging and dynamic approach to Client Advisory Boards maximizes the input of a community of disparate yet like-minded customers who are willing to commit time, energy and insight into helping you create the most value for your organization (and your participants, too). We partner with you to:

  • Engage your organization
  • Invite the right people
  • Host the right event
  • Follow through and follow up

Benefits to Your Organization

There are many benefits to your organization in hosting a Client Advisory Board for your customers:

  • Product Development By engaging your customers in collaborative design, you know that you are creating products and services that are truly customer-driven.
  • Prioritization and Planning By understanding what is most important to them, you can prioritize your work and investments.
  • Customer Engagement and Retention In creating opportunities for your customers to become co-designers and feel ownership in your products and services, they invest their own energy in your success.

Benefits to Your Customers

In turn, customers will realize significant benefits from participating in your Client Advisory Board. We go beyond a simple “networking event” or all-expense-paid-getaway to create unique opportunities for customers to connect with one another (and you) and contribute to a greater purpose.

We Design and Facilitate Exceptional Client Advisory Boards

Our client partners share our belief that real relationships are built through ongoing, virtual and in-person discussion, and envisioning what can be done to produce meaningful change. Collective Next brings:

  • Deep experience in client co-design and custom-designed solutions
  • Broad knowledge of multiple industries including financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing
  • Unparalleled facilitation expertise and experience
  • Ability to inspire and enable creativity
  • Project management excellence
  • Commitment to YOUR success

We work with top leaders from Fortune 500 companies across a wide variety of industries: financial services, healthcare and life sciences, technology, energy, education, consumer products, and more. We have designed and delivered Client Advisory Boards for Fidelity Investments, Financial Engines, Johnson & Johnson, Medspeed, and many more organizations intent on building deep relationships with their most dedicated customers.

Let’s talk about your Client Advisory Board

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