We’re running a series of posts highlighting what inspires us here at Collective Next. It’s been a fun way to share the diversity of our team – as well as what we all have in common. We hope you’re enjoying reading them as much as we’re enjoying producing them.

We’ve received a few requests to list all the posts in one place. We’ll do that here, in the order that we published them. We’ll update this page as we offer up new posts.

Great Inspirations (Or, How Your Wallpaper Can Inspire)
Kathy Clemons

Creating Meaningful Change via Punk Rock
Matt Saiia

Inspired by Edward Tufte
Jimmy Guterman

Inspired by a Resource Revolution
Evan Wondolowski

Inspired by Forest Kindergarten
Bree Sanchez

Inspired by Shel Silverstein
Gordon Eby

Inspired by Pirates
Rachel Maggiani

Inspired by the Unexpected
Brett Saiia

Inspired by Being Part of a Team
Mason Smith

Inspired by Cape Cod
Kelly Nealon

Inspired by Dad
Erin King

Inspired by Mom
Kate Dwyer

Inspired by Music for 18 Musicians
John Colaruotolo

Inspired by Chuck Berry
Jimmy Guterman


… more to come …