Below is the second installment in our Audio Accompaniment to the series Leading by Listening. These short interviews feature experts from Machine Learning to Improvisational Theater and shed light on the many ways in which we can understand the act and the art of listening.

We’ve all heard of improvisational theater, or improv for short, but most of us don’t know much about how it works. We may think it is all about being able to make people laugh. In fact, improv is all about listening. As our interviewee Joe Bill states, improv is all about “being in a pattern of responsiveness with someone else.”

Joe is a veteran improv actor who performs and teaches internationally. In addition to his work in the theater world, he brings lessons form the world of improv to organizational leadership teams. In the short Audio Accompaniment above, Joe spent time talking with Collective Next solution designer Geoff Amidei about the role of listening in improv and how that can be applied to the work of leaders within organizations.

If you would like to learn more about how Joe uses improv exercises in the context of leadership trainings, please click here to read more of our interview with him.