Our current series on the Aesthetics of Change has inspired us to talk more about power of art to transform us on an individual and collective level. In our second voice postcard on this topic, a few more Collective Nexters sat down with podcast producer Katherine Gorman to discuss works of art that have had a lasting impact on them personally.

In this short piece, Geoff Amidei, Katia Greene, Evan Wondolowski, and Kathy Clemons talk about surprise and delight, the fabric of life, an existential epiphany, life in Tehran and more.

As a personal aside: It’s an honor and a gift to work among these fine individuals, and share their world of ideas. When I listened to Geoff talk about The Universe, I thought “This is so wonderfully Geoff.” Then I realized I could say the same about each of these people and points of view. Enjoy!


Includes references to sculptor Alexander Calder, costume designer Edith Head, novelist Marjane Satrapi and the documentary film Zeitgeist. Photo of Calder’s The Universe in the lobby of Chicago’s Willis Tower by Jough via Flickr.