This Friday’s Transcribe in the Lab was a little different – it was harder. Our own Mason Smith is the originator of the Transcribe in the Lab and he’s lead every one until this week. This week Mason was delivering work for one of our clients and that left the task of marshalling the team to jump in was left to me.

And like I said, it was just a bit harder than I expected. So first, let me thank Mason for getting these going and doing a great job keeping the momentum up. Second, we used Mason as the inspiration for our discussion this week.

Namely – the importance of a passionate advocate in collaborative efforts. Kathy Clemons scribing below (on her ipad – pretty cool actually) covers the key points of the story well. The headline is simply this – Collaboration takes work. The results are phenomenal, but it is a different way of going about things than the way most people, and thus organizations, usually do. The gravity of today is always difficult to escape, and with collaboration, if you lack a passionate advocate (like our own Mason) it can be very difficult to not only get it off the ground, but even more importantly sustain it over time so you can derive real value.

Where do you need a passionate advocate for collaboration in your organizations? What can we do to help support you in those efforts?

Thanks for reading, and I’m making sure Mason isn’t on any client delivery on Fridays any longer!