Let’s end the year by acknowledging and celebrating the 10 most popular posts on the Collective Next blog in 2014. 

1. Three Ways to Make Your Company More Innovative, in which Matt Saiia, our founder and CEO, lays out ways to lay out your office so you are more likely to bump into breakthrough ideas.

2. In Telling Stories, Working Together: Life As An Art Director at Collective Next, Erin King and Brett Saiia share what it’s like being an art director here — and how the role is different at Collective Next from what it is at some other companies.

3. Our most popular series this past year was our deep dive into the Collective Next cards. Welcome to the Collective Next Cards serves as a useful starting point for the series. The two most-read individual posts were Dave Rutley’s consideration of why Everything Speaks and John Colaruotolo’s plea to Make Ambiguity Your Friend.

4. We try to be prepared here, and Kathy Clemons’s suggestion Don’t Wing It shows why.

5. We have to be prepared even if we wish we had time to be more prepared. Hence On Communicating What You’ve Learned Before You Know Everything.

6. What does Jack Burgess do for a living? He’ll tell you in How To Make Good Decisions.

7. We just came off our sixth year co-curating TEDxBoston. Anthony Trecek-King, Boston Children’s Chorus, and The Upside of Hating “God Bless America” was the most popular of our posts about this year’s event. If you like that, you might want to visit a full roundup of all the talks and performances.

8. Want to innovate? Create Your Own Genius Cluster

9. In The Life of a Solution Design Partner at Collective Next, Mason Smith and John Colaruotolo consider that idiosyncratic and essential role here at Collective Next.

10. A New Theremin, A New Way to Learn, A New Way to Work Together shows that you can find innovation in learning in the most unusual places.

We’ll see you next year with many more!