There is a moment before stepping out in front of a group of people who have come together to tackle a problem that requires all of your attention and ability when you have a decision to make. You can choose to approach the unknown as palpable ambiguity or malleable possibility. During this Friday’s Transcribe, we here at Collective Next discussed how we attempt to balance the necessary tight rope walk of preventing the bottom from dropping out and blowing the roof off of any situation.

Perhaps in the spirit of the Halloween season, we focused on one emotion which keeps you on the tight rope: fear. We discussed the difference between fearless energy and its effect on performance, versus fear to the point of paralysis. As we spoke of situations each individual had faced, the mutual consent was that a safe level of fear had kept us on our game, and perhaps enhanced our overall performance.

Our work necessarily involves a healthy dose of ambiguity. We bring people together to help them solve complex problems (usually in a short burst of intense work), freely admitting that we don’t know exactly what the solution will be. We trust, and we ask our clients to trust, that the solution will emerge through the collaborative process.

But in that very moment where ambiguity reaches its highest heights, how do we overcome our own anxiety producing fears to become an essential part of the solution? We arm ourselves with a tried and true experience-based set of skills and tools. We take a deep breath and dispel our biggest critic (ourselves). In short, we bring our best selves.

When was the last time you feared success? In most individuals, fear has a strong correlation to failure. Fear (of failure) could be a good thing; it could be the catalyst for success. To prevent failure, you ensure that all possible scenarios have a solution, by doing this, you set yourself up for the possibility of success (or failure, depending on your perception). To thrive in an environment of possibility is a choice, we chose this path and stride down it with confidence.