Every time we think we’ve gotten all we’re going to get out of the Collective Next Cards, we find a new way to get them out.

The Collective Next Cards started as a project we hatched during an all-hands event to explore different ways we could share, both with our clients and with our extended network of collaborators, the lessons and approaches that are most important to us. After considering various forms, we created and distributed these as oversized trading cards.

The Cards developed a life of their own. We expanded them into a set of blog posts that examined the axioms on detail, and now we have revised and expanded those posts into an ebook, which you can download as a zipped PDF.

As our founder and CEO Matt Saiia noted when we released the physical cards, “At Collective Next, we help our clients set and execute strategies that improve business performance. We have delivered more than 1,000 successful collaborative engagements across a wide variety of industries. The Collective Next Cards can help your team consider some of the big imperatives we explore with our clients. Guidelines on the cards like ‘Share’ and ‘Make New Mistakes’ may seem straightforward, but we’ve learned that they yield surprises, too. Such open-ended instructions often lead to spirited discussion and collaboration. ‘Don’t Go It Alone,’ for example, may mean something different to you than it does to the colleague sitting next to you. The magic comes when you compare those individual definitions and work, together, toward something you might never have gotten to by yourself. We hope you’ll use these cards to inspire creativity and innovation that will help you and your team come together, think better, and move forward.”

The lessons have now gone from card to blog to ebook. We hope the new format sparks new uses and we’ll let you know where they show up next …