A couple of weeks ago, at the Fred Forum, I heard Col. Bernie Banks talk about the importance of reflection in West Point’s education model. They provide three kinds of learning to their cadets: new knowledge, experience and reflection. Their cadets get a combination of theory, application, and then the time to reflect and integrate what they’ve learned.

Living in an always-connected, constantly-plugged-in world, it’s hard to believe there’s time for reflection. We’re waiting to be pinged, relentlessly conditioned to respond to every beep, buzz and ring. Going without your favorite gadget can make you downright anxious.

Reflection is creating the time and space to think about what has happened. It’s a tried and true ritual: a long walk, a good bath, prayer, meditation, shavasana. It’s allowing today’s experience to become tomorrow’s wisdom.

The challenge is to find your moments, to take the time to reflect. Do it today.