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I recently collaborated with Fidelity Investments on a short video series that addresses why you should consider disciplined investing, what it is, and how to apply it to help you meet your financial goals. The series is presented as three short “chapters” on Disciplined Investing, published in their Learning Center.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with members of the Customer Education, e-Content Creation, and Video Production teams at Fidelity to create scribed videos that help educate their customers on a variety of investment topics. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about investing. Early on doing this work, we decided that it was a good test of how accessible the content is: Can I, as someone who is less familiar with their content, understand what they’re talking about? We’ve had some great conversations along the way about how to explain something a little bit differently in the script, or how to visually show something in a way that makes it easier for their customers to understand.

The partnership goes back several years, and by now I’m able to work seamlessly with the group. This level of familiarity and mutual respect has allowed us to push a bit more with each video series we’ve done. This latest series was the first time we used pieces of paper and other tactile elements to tell the story, in addition to doing some traditional drawing on the whiteboard. During our calls, good ideas became great ones as we built on each other’s ideas, and everyone involved contributed to the artistic vision.

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