NibSqueak is our new podcast about using visuals to work better. We’re your hosts, John and Bree. We are both seasoned facilitators, graphic facilitators, scribes, designers, visual nerds, and Collective Nexters.

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At Collective Next, we believe in the power of creativity, collaboration, and facilitation. Facilitation is the unique vantage point, approach, and tools that, when skillfully put into practice, can help others think, design, work, and learn with more ease. “Graphic facilitation” refers to the use of visuals in those endeavors. As individuals, groups, and organizations increasingly come to understand the joy, competitive advantage, and collective necessity of knowledge sharing and collaboration through visuals, we have seen firsthand the desire to learn these ways of working also dramatically increase.

In February of 2015, we delivered a graphic facilitation training session to UX (user experience) designers in California. In preparation for this session, we spent many hours talking about our work and life experience in this domain, and our philosophies and perspectives on the role of visuals in facilitating meaningful change. Via Skype, we designed our curriculum, just plain geeked-out on everything from markers to models, and ultimately discovered that we had a lot to say.

We thoroughly enjoyed leading the training session and that feeling was mutual—our client loved it, too. We were energized by the participants’ enthusiasm for using visuals, via graphic facilitation, to further their work. After the session, we realized we wanted to continue and expand our conversations on this topic. And so, NibSqueak was born.

Our first season, set to launch in January 2016, will teach you how to rescue yourself from bad meetings, explore the basics of scribing (not talking heiroglyphics), help you confidently sketch out your ideas in a room full of people, and much more.

Our show is produced by Katherine Gorman in Boston. Katherine’s brilliant storytelling fluency, her amazing ways with audio, and her wild patience have brought this production to life.

If you’re curious about how to use visuals to work better and/or want to know what exactly a “nib” is, listen and learn!