This is what Graphic Facilitation Boot Camp looks like in action!

This year I’ve had more and more opportunities to do the work I love, graphic facilitation, and to teach others how to use visuals in their work. Every Graphic Facilitation Boot Camp I’ve led has brought with it some new and interesting challenges, and has also shown me that anyone can benefit.

Trainees run the gamut of experience, from accountants who truly don’t believe they can draw, to professional illustrators. Our program is for everyone. Our goal is for trainees to go back to their day jobs and have better tools for thinking, communicating, and facilitating group work.

IdeaPaint, whose vast dry-erase surfaces can be found in workspaces around the world, is a natural partner for us. Our video, above, features the offices of a healthcare design firm outfitted in IdeaPaint and shows us all in action during a Graphic Facilitation Bootcamp session there. With an environment ready for collaboration, and designers with graphic facilitation skills, Involution Studios is better able to understand and design for their customers’ needs.

We followed up with our Graphic Facilitation Boot Camp trainees to hear how it’s going. They report that their new visual thinking and graphic facilitation tools aid in:

  • Greater clarity about ideas that surface in brainstorming
  • Faster alignment around potential solutions
  • Better understanding of auditory content; they’re better able to listen and synthesize ideas visually

Many thanks to our partners at IdeaPaint and the amazing designers at Involution Studios.