We at Collective Next are here to help businesses come together, think better, and move forward. We focus on the needs and opportunities of specific clients, but we recognize that there are issues businesses have to confront that are bigger than any business. That’s a big part of the reason we’ve gotten so involved with TED over the years: running workshops and speaking at various TEDs in California and Europe, supporting a handful of TEDx’s, and curating TEDxBoston since 2009. At its best, TED is a window into a much bigger world than any individual company can provide, and one of the great pleasures of working on any sort of TED is seeing what happens to ideas when they bounce off one another (Matt Ridley has a more vivid way of describing the interaction).

As part of our collaboration with TED, we’ve written an essay that’s part of TED’s new Ideas site. The topic this month is one of the biggest we face — income inequality — and we are delighted to offer up Why Is Inequality the Big Hot Issue Right Now? 

If you want to hear more of TED’s rich coverage of inequality, last weekend’s TED Radio Hour on “Haves and Have-Nots” is a great place to start. And watch this space for more on the topic.

Inequality image