In a few days our team will head to Geneva, Switzerland to deliver Innotribe at Sibos. Sibos is big in every way. It’s an annual one-week conference organized by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services. SWIFT is a co-op, and Sibos is a chance to get the band together and talk about the issues and topics that matter to their member community and partners. Over 8,000 participants are anticipated.

Innotribe is a four-day, 24-session track within Sibos, focusing on the world of possibilities and innovation. That’s where we’ll be.

If you are a conference experience designer, content curator, co-design nerd, collaboration engineer, graphic facilitator, and or creative communication enthusiast (like us!), the opportunity to be a part of designing and delivering Innotribe is as good as it gets.

We are Innotribe’s design and facilitation team. Along with Innotribe curator/chief architect Peter Vander Auwera and Executive Producer Ben Hawkins, of George P. Johnson, and his incredible team, we have been imagining, sketching, and planning the entire experience of Innotribe, right down to the minute. Our goal is to create space for ideas to emerge and to translate ideas into learning moments. Peter sums up our vision quite nicely when he quotes Brian Eno: “I don’t want to be entertained, I want to be provoked.” We seek to seamlessly enable deep learning and true collaboration. Plus, we want the experience to be the coolest thing that’s ever happened to attendees a conference.

This is our third year of involvement in Sibos, and we think it will be the best yet. As anyone who has experienced Innotribe can attest, it can be intense. It’s long days and short nights, and you get to know the “tribe” of people all around you pretty quickly. We’re excited to see familiar faces from years past and make new connections.

If you’re at Sibos 2016, come say hello. This is our team – we’re pleased to meet you!

Gordon Eby, Facilitator + Team Lead
Hobbies: Tennis + Running
Innotribe 2016: Gordon is looking forward to hearing what Douglas Rushkoff has to say. “I’m reading his book and find his take on the world economy/history fascinating.” This is Gordon’s third year at Innotribe.

Evan Wondolowski, Event Creative Director
Worcester, Massachusetts        
Hobbies: History buff + artist
Innotribe 2016: What artist doesn’t want more canvas? Evan is looking forward to working on Innotribe’s famously enormous wraparound LCD screen, or panorama wall, which is even bigger this year at a whopping 80ft wide! This is Evan’s third year at Innotribe.

Kris Henry, Graphic Facilitator + Producer
Hobbies: Craft cocktails + video games (“Only my dog can judge me.”)
Innotribe 2016: Kris is most looking forward to the Future of Money session on Day 1. This is her first year at Innotribe.

Donna Martin, Graphic Facilitator + Producer
Midlothian, Illinois
Hobbies: Pastry cheffing + Home improvement/DIY projects
Innotribe 2016: Donna is most enthused about “Digital Ethics. Because, ethics. Also it sounds the most SciFi-ish part of the programme to me. I’m interested in how robots and technology are going to change the nature of work, and ultimately, the global economy.” This will be Donna’s third year at Innotribe.

Bree Sanchez, Social Media Manager, Graphic Facilitator + Producer
Hemet, California
Hobbies: Kids + Making (stuff/home/life), Podcasting
Innotribe 2016: Bree is excited about hearing all of the Accelerators share their work. We have been helping these groups craft their stories, and we’re presenting their work with some fun, interactive elements. She is excited to see how it all comes together. This is Bree’s first year at Innotribe.

Hamilton Ray, Lead Facilitator
Atlanta, Georgia
Hobbies: Cooking + Atlanta Braves Baseball
Innotribe 2016: I’m most looking forward to using all five senses to create the experience this time, not just sight and sound. (Very mysterious, I know…) This is my third year at Innotribe.