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Marsha Dunn

Collective Creativity Collaboration Facilitation Design Immersive Experience Creativity Group

Below is the first installment in our series, The Power of Immersive Experience, in which we will explore the key aspects of immersive experiences with the goal of understanding how they...

Matt Saiia and Hamilton Ray

Collective Creativity Collaboration Facilitation Design Boston design thinking activity activities groups breakout

We kicked off the year promising to deconstruct the process of meaningful change. And we noted that meaningful change requires designing strong and...

Gordon Eby

facilitating breakout facilitation small group discussion work session

Facilitating a breakout group - or small group dialogue/work session - is an awesome opportunity. A productive breakout session can help develop creative ideas and a clear path forward. If successful, the experience can get...

Kris Henry

holiday group collaborative giving
A pair of gloves. A toy guitar. Passes to the science museum. These are just a few of the things on the holiday wish list provided to me by REACH, a Waltham, MA-based organization that serves survivors of domestic violence. For the third consecutive year, my...