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Matt Saiia

One of my favorite assignments from college came in an advanced drawing class. We were asked to work in pairs and create a series of images that represented both of us. Most pairs produced visual mash-ups of their individual styles, but something curious happened with our work. My partner and I created a set of images that were not only stylistically departures from our personal sensibilities, but they also could not be deconstructed into either of our...

Kate Dwyer

Clive Thompson highlights the evolution of peer-to-peer renting and sharing in his September article “Other People’s Property” in Wired. Peer renting isn’t a new concept but the Internet and social media have provided a platform that makes it a very plausible reality. The benefits of this type of collaboration are infinite. It’s convenient and efficient, environmentally...

Geoff Amidei

Missouri entomologists team up with the military to solve the mystery of how honeybees are dying

In a sustained act of applied collaboration that harkens back to some of the great collaborations of our time, e.g., Watson and Crick collaborating to solve the structure of DNA, entomologists in Montana teamed up with military biologists in Maryland to make a real breakthrough in solving the epidemic of honeybee colonies collapsing in the...

Matt Saiia

I am often reminded of two simple truths. First, any idea worth thinking about is an idea worth sharing. Second, any idea can become a better one through collaboration.

With this in mind, I am happy to launch the Collective Next Blog. It is our intent to use these pages to share and dialogue about the insights, experiences, and artifacts we uncover in pursuing better results through collaboration.

We hope these ideas promote new ways of thinking,...