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David Rutley

We kicked off the year promising to deconstruct the process of meaningful change. And we noted that meaningful change requires designing strong and intentional solutions to address business challenges. Below is our second installment in...

Marsha Dunn

The turning of the calendar year brings the notion of change to the fore. The New Year excites with the potential for personal transformation while reminding us of its difficulty (this year I really am going to use my gym membership). Organizations, too, enter 2017 with renewed hopes of meaningful change and all the same challenges we face in overcoming inertia. But organizations face at least two additional realities that individuals just don’t.  First, for...

Marsha Dunn

Hit pause.

Where are you? What happened today? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? The last 20 years? Who was there? What did you do? Feel? Love? Laugh at? Think about?

Select all.

Delete all.

Repeat every five seconds.

Such were the instructions hardcoded into...

Marsha Dunn

visual tools scriibng graphic facilitation visual thinking collaboration
“I’ve had the experience of walking into a client’s office a year and half after we did a session with them and finding that the giant foam core boards containing our single frame visuals are still up on the wall, and still...