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Liz Ball

Solution Design Partner
Boston, MA
What's your secret obsession?

I don’t like my food to touch. The peas, gravy, turkey, and noodles must be separate … there is no mashing all those things together.

What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you while traveling for Collective Next?

Trying to explain why I had 500 Post-It notes, 50 expo markers, four pairs of scissors, and many X-ACTO blades in my checked bag. My bag was overweight and I was pulled out of line so I could “reprioritize” my items. I opened my checked bag, which was filled with supplies for a session, and then had to explain what all this stuff was for.

What was your favorite course in college?

Modern art history. It was incredible! Learning about the transformation from structured creation to a medium of expression helped me put more “confusing” works of art into context.



Liz is an energetic ball of fun, organization, and creative flexibility all rolled into one.

Quote Source

Kelly Nealon