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Kathy Clemons's picture
Friday, September 24, 2010
On his blog, Jonah Lehrer discusses the impact of distraction on creativity. The study he reacts to describes a high level of distractibility, that inability to avoid eavesdropping at a party, “low latent inhibition.” So, if you are practicing latent inhibition, you are able to focus and channel your attention. The study evaluated students with low latent inhibition as “’eminent creative achievers,’” because, as Lehrer says, if you are paying attention to lots of...
Matt Saiia's picture
Thursday, September 16, 2010
I am often reminded of two simple truths. First, any idea worth thinking about is an idea worth sharing. Second, any idea can become a better one through collaboration.With this in mind, I am happy to launch the Collective Next Blog. It is our intent to use these pages to share and dialogue about the insights, experiences, and artifacts we uncover in pursuing better results through collaboration.We hope these ideas promote new ways of thinking, stimulate useful...