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Rainey Tisdale and What the Marathon Bombings Meant to Boston (TEDxBoston 2014)

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Are You a Wonderful Designer, Artist, or Facilitator? We Need You Right Now

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We are currently looking to staff four roles, all freelance

We're looking for two freelance graphic designer/artists, one quite experienced, one not so much.

We're looking for a freelance experienced artist/facilitator.

And we're looking for a freelance facilitator (you don't need art experience for this one).

If you want to learn more about these openings, visit our jobs page

Scott McCloud, Comics, and Some Secrets of Creative Inspiration

Understanding Comics, p. 61

Business Adventures: Thank You, Bill Gates

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Bill Gates reads Business Adventures

Last time in this space, we started a series on how to tell stories about your company. Today we're celebrating someone who told stories about many companies.

The Elements of Business Storytelling

Casa Thomas Jefferson, Flickr,

This is the first in a series of posts about business storytelling.

Anthony Trecek-King, Boston Children's Chorus, and The Upside of Hating "God Bless America" (TEDxBoston 2014)

One of our great pleasures at Collective Next is co-curating TEDxBoston. We just completed our sixth year helping organize the event. Over the next few weeks, we're going to share some of the favorite talks and performances we worked on this year and what we learned working on them.

You're My Favorite Client

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You're My Favorite Client cover

Make It Fun!

2 Matts #2

(Friday seems like the perfect day to publish this post.)

“In every job that must be done there is an element of fun.”

Collective Next's Evan Wondolowski Makes Art From Money

Made of Money - 50 Cent from Evan Wondolowski on Vimeo.

This is part of an occasional series on this blog in which we talk to people at Collective Next about what they do outside Collective Next.

Be Optimistic (Collective Next Card #3)

Be Optimistic Collective Next card

This is one of a series of posts we're running about the Collective Next Cards.