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Michael Schrage on Why Experiments Are So Much Better Than Ideas


Schrage book cover - Innovator's Hypothesis


TEDxGrinnell and What Happens When Teams Aim High

TEDxGrinnell team, photo by Laurie Polisky

What I Learned at UX Sketch Camp

 UX sketch camp, by Jonny Goldstein

Happy Valentine's Day from Collective Next

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CN Valentine's Day, art by Tricia Walker

How to Create the Best Team for Creative Problem Solving

 Summertime means puzzle time, Creative Commons, Flickr photo by Kevin Dooley

This is one in a series of occasional guest posts on the Collective Next blog.

The Power of Graphic Facilitation

 JC leads

Every now and then, when I am scribing at a conference or event, I’ll hear a whisper behind me that goes something like this: “Wow, that’s really cool! Do you do this for a living?” Why yes, it is. And yes, I do. It is often the beginning of a great conversation – and, sometimes, something more. 

What Your Office Says About Your Company

one angle of the Collective Next office, photo by Katia Greene

The Top 10 Collective Next Posts of 2014

Let's end the year by acknowledging and celebrating the 10 most popular posts on the Collective Next blog in 2014. 

1. Three Ways to Make Your Company More Innovative, in which Matt Saiia, our founder and CEO, lays out ways to lay out your office so you are more likely to bump into breakthrough ideas.

Happy Holidays from Collective Next!

TEDxBoston 2014: The Full Roundup

TEDxBoston 2014 wall