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The Power of Scan-Focus-Act

Geoff Amidei photo by Kelly Davidson at Kelly Davidson Studio

More TED2015 Scribing by Collective Next

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Collective Next's long involvement with TED and TEDx includes work scribing the recent TED2015 in Vancouver. You can see most of our TED2015 work here and here. Today we're presenting three more talks we scribed this year, this time including work from explorers Tamra Carhart and Karyn Detering.

The Collective Next Cards: Now an eBook!

Collective Next cards


Every time we think we've gotten all we're going to get out of the Collective Next Cards, we find a new way to get them out.

Haydn Shaughnessy on Innovation, Disruption, and Not Being Part of the Noise

Flickr photo of Haydn Shaughnessy at BIF10 CC Matt Ridings

Are You An Outstanding Boston-Based Designer?

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Attention visual storytellers!

If you're an outstanding, kind, rigorous, hilarious designer in Boston, we need to hear from you.

Check out the job listing and learn what it's like to design here.

Collective Next Scribes TED2015

Yesterday we shared with you Tricia Walker's scribing of the Monica Lewinsky talk at TED2015. Today we're delighted to let you see some more of our work.

Longtime member of our network Michelle Wright scribed three talks, in different ways. She captured children's rights activist (and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Kailash Satyarthi's talk about transforming anger into something useful:

Monica Lewinsky @TED

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Lewinsky TED Talk, as scribed by Collective Next's Tricia Walker

These Three Ideas Must Die
Every year, literary agent and proprietor John Brockman hosts one of the most exclusive dinners here

(Some of) Collective Next's Favorite TED Talks

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Why I (Still) Go to TED